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My Africa

VR 360 Film | Shot in Kenya by Vision3's Chris Campkin with post production in Vision3's studio in London.

My Africa: Elephant Keeper

Location Based VR experience | Conceived and created by Vision3 as a companion piece to My Africa. 

Drop In The Ocean

Location based VR experience | Conceived, created and co-produced by Vision3. Shared experience using  AI motion tracking system.

Song of The Sea

6DOF Virtual Reality | A ground breaking VR companion piece to the Oscar nominated animated feature of the same name. Angus Cameron was VR Supervisor for the project.

Mr Stink

Stereo 3D | Vision3 helmed the 3D with Chris Parks as stereo supervisor and Matt Smith as on set stereographer.

Land Rover: Above and Beyond

VR360 | Shot and post produced by Vision with specially designed camera rigs designed by Chris Campkin.

TT3D: Closer To The Edge

Stereo 3D | Stereo Supervision by Vision3's Chris Parks with Angus Cameron supervising the post production and delivery.

Penguins 3D with David Attenborough

Stereo 3D | Vision3 designed the stereo workflow with a two person shooting unit on location and stereo supervision through post in London.

Horrid Henry

Stereo 3D | Vision3's Matthew Smith was stereographer with Vision3 handling stereo supervision.