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Vision3 are a leading immersive studio, connecting audiences to causes, engagement and brand awareness through active storytelling. Harnessing the creative benefits of emerging technology - we give audiences agency in crafting their own lasting and unique moments through Interactive Experiences for AR/VR/Mobile Devices, Digital Out Of Home activations, and Stereoscopic Feature Films and Large Screen Documentaries.

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Stereo 3D | Chris Parks acted as stereo supervisor from pre production through to delivery supervising both the stereo VFX at Framestore and the conversion at Prime Focus.

No Time to Die

Stereo Supervision by Chris Parks and 3D production and depth grade at Vision3

Critical Distance

Social AR Experience | Created by Adam May and Chris Campkin for Microsoft Hololens 2

Drop In The Ocean

Location based VR experience | Created by Adam May, Chris Campkin and Chris Parks. Shared experience using  AI motion tracking system.

My Africa

VR 360 Film | Shot in Kenya by Vision3's Chris Campkin with post production in Vision3's studio in London.

Edge of Tomorrow

Stereo 3D | Stereo Supervision by Chris Parks and additional Stereography by Angus Cameron stereo production based out of Vision3.

Sony: MultiStory

Stereo 3D | Stereo Supervision from design and production to post production and delivery by Chris Parks.

TT3D: Closer To The Edge

Stereo 3D | Stereo Supervision by Vision3's Chris Parks with Angus Cameron supervising the post production and delivery.

Land Rover: Above and Beyond

VR360 | Shot and post produced by Vision with specially designed camera rigs designed by Chris Campkin.

One More Time With Feeling

Stereo 3D | 3D black and white feature documentary about Nick Cave, with Stereo Supervision and 3D Grade by Vision3.