Experience the ocean from an entirely new perspective in “Drop in the Ocean,” a playful 10-minute social VR adventure. Shrunk down to about 2 inches tall, participants hitch a ride on a jellyfish as they encounter the mysteries of the deep and experience the plastic pollution crisis from the viewpoint of sea life. Up to four participants then team up to swipe away at the plastic debris that surrounds them, Participants gain new insights into the threats facing our oceans and their role in becoming part of the solution.

This multiuser and free-movement social VR project draws on the photo archive of Academy Award-winning micro-photographer Peter Parks to create a first-of-its kind user experience. Ocean explorers, environmental advocates and cohosts of the Travel Channel’s Caribbean Pirate Treasure Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau serve as narrators.

Creators Adam May, Chris Campkin and Chris Parks of award-winning Vision3 designed the project to share the beauty of this breathtaking underwater natural world – and what is at stake – with people who may otherwise never experience it nor understand the need to protect it. “Drop in The Ocean” builds on Vision3’s exploration in using tactile VR experiences to provoke social impact and follows their 2018 Tribeca Immersive project “My Africa: Elephant Keeper,” also produced with Conservation International.

“Drop in The Ocean” is Conservation International’s fourth virtual reality project and its first social VR experience, following VR projects “Valen’s Reef,” “Under the Canopy” and most recently “My Africa.” The goal is to reach new audiences to grow broader support for conservation efforts.

“Drop in the Ocean” will be presented in a purpose-built installation created by New York’s Thinc Design and features revolutionary body-tracking technology.

Adam May
Chris Campkin
Chris Parks

Narration by
Philippe Cousteau
Ashlan Cousteau

Music by
Gold Panda

Based on the works of
Peter Parks

Designed by
Elliott Round