For the first 3D Bond, Eon turned to Chris Parks and Vision3 to ensure a result worth of the 007. Chris worked with director Cary Joji Fukunaga and Eon, to design a 3D treatment that was sensitive to the tradition of the franchise while still taking advantage of what stereo can add to a film. 

The title sequence, designed by Daniel Kleinman, is particularly impressive in 3D. Stereo is particularly effective at altering the sense of scale and throughout the sequence the 007 signature objects such as the Aston Martin, guns, hourglasses, pendulum and even Bond himself are variously realised at full size or as like toys in harmony with Daniel's design.

Through the main body of the film, the 3D treatment follows its own curve with more depth pushed back into the frame in the scenes where Bond is facing adversity and then biased more towards the foreground when he is relaxed and on top of things to add to intimacy of those moment.