The popular kids television and literary hero Horrid Henry launches on to the big screen in outrageous fashion - with every splish, splosh and splash made even more extreme in 3D!

Novell Entertainments' Lucinda Whitely and director Nick Moore challenged the Vision3 to make the gross out romp even more fun for little ones in 3D, and Matthew Smith and the team enjoyed going overboard with the possibilities in stereo. 

Given the colour palate and nature of the film, there were countless opportunities to use 3D to give this larger than life comic tale a unique stylistic look throughout. Matthew Smith also supervised the Post Production process to ensure that every vibrant moment was maximised in 3D. 

Working with younger actors also lead to shorter and high intensity shooting days, so Matthew and the team developed new ways of ensuring that the speed of operation of this natively shot 3D film allowed the Nick Moore complete freedom and confidence to make the film the way he intended. 

Lucinda Whiteley / Rupert Preston

Nick Moore

Matthew Smith

Stereo Supervisor
Chris Parks