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Vision3 connects visitors with the world's Oceans

Vision3's wins award of excellence for Interior Display

Vision3's jellyfish wins exhibitor's award

Drop in the Ocean goes live at Cal Academy

My Africa wins Shorty Award

Drop in the Ocean at Jackson Wild

Pan Featurette released featuring Chris Parks

Chris Parks talks about Pan 3D in Screen Rant

BFI Interview of Chris Parks

Chris Parks Interviewed by Market Saw on 3D

How Chris Parks's 3D serves the story on Gravity

Hollywood Reporter interviews Chris Parks



Adam May talks Ocean Health ahead of Drop In The Ocean

Across the globe, there are numbers telling us difficult truths. At Vulcan, we take these "data points" and use them to motivate our work in ocean health, climate science, conservation and communities.

Chris talks about the 3D in Jupiter Ascending

The stereo supervisor, Chris Parks, explains how he approached the 3D for Jupiter Ascending in this featurette that was shown in theatres ahead of the films release.

Adam May talks to the Advanced Imaging Society about his 3D work.

Jim Chabin of the Advanced Imaging Society talks with Adam May, Head of Production at Vision3, about his work on upcoming Ron Howard film, The Heart of The Sea as well as his work on Pan, Gravity, Edge of Tomorrow and more.

Adam May chairs session at 3D Creative Summit

Adrian Wootton, Creative Skillset's Dan Simmons, and Vision3's  Adam May discuss the UK's role at the centre of 3D film production of Hollywood Blockbusters and what this means for British Indies.

Chris Parks talks about the techniques used on Gravity

Stereo Supervisor and winner of the I3DS Award for Best Stereography Chris Parks, delivers the one of the Summit's big highlights as he shares his exclusive processes and thoughtS on using 3D in Gravity to such an breath taking effect.

Adam May talks 3D

FILMCLUB reporter Tanvi speaks to Vision 3's Adam May - the chap who provided Horrid Henry, John Carter and the upcoming Jack The Giant Killer with their breathtaking 3D effects. Most prestigiously of all - he was the judge of our Olympics filmmaking competition!

Chris Parks at 3D Storytelling 2012

Taking an honest and open look at recent 3D successes and disappointments, the UK's leading Stereo Supervisor Chris Parks discusses the steps we need to take to make 3D a rewarding and lasting evolution of entertainment.