Vision3 acts as a bridge between the emerging Stereoscopic technology and Film and TV Productions shooting in 3D.

We believe shooting in 3D should be led by ideas, embracing the amazing set of narrative tools now available to directors and creative teams. The landscape of shooting in 3D is rapidly changing and evolving, and Vision3 are at the forefront of intelligent 3D methods and productions.



Stereographers and Producers that work closely with productions from early concept stage, ensuring 3D is used to create original, exciting and fully immersive 3D productions

Bespoke and unbiased advice on suitable equipment, offering efficient and individually designed production workflow

Tailored packages and quotes, advising on costs and considerations needed for each separate production


Stereographers and stereo teams with years of on set practical experience working seamlessly alongside traditional 2D camera teams


A 'tools for the job' philosophy ensures the project and production schedule are not compromised by technology


A large pool of stereo experts available within various specialised fields; studio feature films, high end natural history documentaries, IMAX, unique special events and commercials


Stereography teams with hands on knowledge of all widely used 3D rig and camera solutions



A firm belief in the value of carrying a stereographers vision from set, into post production ensuring quality of the final product


Close relationships with the UK’s leading Post Production facilities and VFX teams helping to build efficient and project specific 3D workflows


Consultation from stereographers during the depth grade where final stereoscopic decisions are made